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So Many Vegetables! August 19, 2010

There are currently so many fresh vegetables in my house from the garden and farmers’ market purchases. So I decided to use them! First I made a three bean salad with white beans, green beans, red kidney beans and red onion. The only thing that came from the grocery store were the red kidney beans. I added some raspberry vinegar, salt & pepper, and a little sugar. It looks, smells, and tastes delicious.

I also made some salsa. I’ve been waiting all summer for our tomatoes to turn red because I’ve been wanting to make salsa with the jalapenos we grew. I used both red and yellow tomatoes, a jalapeno, a red onion, some lime juice and cilantro. The only things store bought in the salsa are the lime juice and cilantro. I did have some cilantro growing but it died in our extreme heat earlier in the summer (and maybe a little lack of watering, whoops). The salsa tastes really fresh and is on the spicy side. I didn’t take the seeds out of the jalapeno since I like things spicy and it is definitely on the spicy side.


One Response to “So Many Vegetables!”

  1. James Says:

    Sounds good babe.I have never been a huge bean fan which is probably why my vegetarian experiment in 2004-2005 was so hard.That did sound good though and would like to at least try to accept more beans into my diet especially for when we live together.The salsa sounded good.I have only had homemade salsa a couple times including one I made myself a few years back.I loved them as I am sure I would yours.

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