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King Ferry Winery August 17, 2010

When we left the Ithaca Farmers’ Market, we still had 2 hours before we could check into the hotel so we started driving up the east side of Cayuga Lake. We didn’t really have anything in mind other than checking out the scenery, but we soon realized that you couldn’t see much of the lake from the east side, so we decided to stop at the first Winery that we came to. That happened to be King Ferry Winery maker of Treleaven Wines. We did a tasting, which consisted of 6 wines of your choice. This was my first experience wine tasting and I am far from being an expert. I had fun with it and chose two wines that I liked to buy.

The wine of the left is the Silver Lining Chardonnay. This Chardonnay is an “off-dry, non-oaked Chardonnay…with wonderful tropical fruit flavors.” On the right is my favorite wine of the tasting. It is a Pinot Noir described as being “moderate oak with smokey, earthy, sweet wood, cherries & figs. Velvety tannins & a smooth, pleasant lingering finish.” This wine was the most expensive one I tried, but I liked it so much that I couldn’t resist it.

After the winery, we went to the hotel and rested while we figured out what we were going to do for dinner. My mom and I walked down to the Ithaca Commons to scope out the different restaurants before dinner so we could pick something out that my grandma would eat. There were so many different restaurants I wanted to try, unfortunately many of them didn’t have things on their menus that my grandma would eat since she’s a horribly picky eater. We originally picked out a wine and tapas bar, but it was too full by the time we got back down there with my grandma, so we just went next door to the Mahogany Grill. I didn’t take any pictures of my dinner, but I ordered a Blackened Ahi Tuna Steak Sandwich. I ordered my tuna rare and it was so good. The tuna was extremely fresh and high quality; it just melted in my mouth.  The sandwich was huge, so I just ate it open faced without the top of the bun. I had my choice of side and I opted for sweet potato fries. They were some of the best sweet potato fries I have had. They were very crispy on the outside and had a ton of flavor. I also had a Blue Moon beer, which was perfect for our patio meal.

Still ahead, I’ll post about breakfast at a local bakery, another winery trip and lunch at a winery cafe.


One Response to “King Ferry Winery”

  1. James Says:

    Some of those wines sounded good.Despite overcoming my pill and alcohol issues and my constant fear of those demons returning, I am starting to enjoy having a drink such as wine or a beer here and there.I look forward to you introducing me to newer tastes and drinks.

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