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Ithaca Bakery, Lucas Vineyards, Crystal Lake Cafe August 17, 2010

I have been craving bagels lately. I have only had one legit bagel since starting Weight Watchers and that was only a week into it. Bagel Thins have been a life saver, but every once in a while I need to have the real thing. We decided the best place to get a bagel would be the Ithaca Bakery and boy were we right.

They had so many different bagels and cream cheeses to choose from. I ordered the San Diego Bagel and a Chai.

The San Diego Bagel is  a bagel (I chose Honey Wheat) with cream cheese and raspberry jalapeno spread. It was really good. I would have liked a bit more jalapeno in it because the sweetness of the raspberry completely overpowered it. My Chai was also very good. I used to drink Chai a lot but haven’t in a long time, so it was something nice to have for a change.

After breakfast we packed up the car and headed up the west side of Cayuga Lake. We, again, didn’t really have a plan but we stopped at a state park on our way north. We sat on the beach for a while and watched a front move towards the east; clouds are really interesting to watch. From the state park, we went to the overlook of one of the many falls in the Ithaca area.

There’s a foot path along the creek at the bottom of the falls that I want to explore during a future trip.

From the falls we continued north and came to Lucas Vineyards. My mom just wanted to check out their gift shop but I insisted that we do a wine tasting. She was very glad that I insisted on it. We loved the wines at this vineyard. The tasting at this vineyard consisted of 5 set wines and 1-2 wines of your choice based on what you liked from the first 5. I really liked the tasting at this vineyard. The woman who was doing our tasting was able to tell us exactly what flavors our palettes were looking for. I really liked this, since I haven’t really known what varieties of wines are my favorite. I learned that I like lemon and lime flavors, which is definitely different from the rest of my family. The wines with lemon and lime tend to be on the dry side. I bought two bottles of wine at Lucas.

The wine of the left is called Blues. It is a white wine with flavors described as “bight, crisp and smooth with tangy citrus fruits.” This wine is definitely an off-dry. I liked it a lot. The bottle on the right was a favorite among all three of us. It is called Harbor Moon and it is a semi-dry white wine with flavors of  “citrus and melon [that] mingle pleasantly.” This vineyard was a great find. I’m glad I convinced my mom to do a tasting.

When we left the vineyard it was definitely time to eat. We went back south so that we were heading towards home. We stopped at Americana Vineyards. We didn’t do a tasting here because we weren’t really stopping for the Vineyard, but we stopped for their Crystal Lake Cafe. I took one look at the menu and it was instantly a hard decision. Everything on the menu sounded so good; everything had fresh ingredients. It is definitely a vegetarian friendly restaurant, many meat-free dishes to choose from. I opted for a vegetable quesadilla.

There were so many fresh veggies in the quesadillas, in addition to goat cheese and some cheddar. When I read on the menu that there was goat cheese and cheddar in it, I was concerned that the cheddar would overpower the goat cheese flavor, but it didn’t at all. There was just enough cheddar to make the quesadilla stick together. The salsa on the side was made fresh and so good. It was very basic with tomatoes, jalapeno, onion and cilantro. On the side I had mixed greens with a house balsamic vinaigrette. It was all very good.

After we ate lunch, my mom and I decided to check out the gift shop at the vineyard, because I was still on a hunt for something to buy for James. I bought myself a t-shirt and I bought James something that I will edit this line later after I give it to him. :-)

That was the end of our mini-trip to Ithaca. There was so much to see and I would definitely like to go back and see it all. My next blog post will be a non-food related post about my birthday celebrations a couple weeks ago! Stay tuned.


3 Responses to “Ithaca Bakery, Lucas Vineyards, Crystal Lake Cafe”

  1. I had no idea Ithaca had so many vinyards. i need to get out there, stat! :-)

    • Sarah Says:

      Those are only the three we stopped at. There are so many more! You’d really like it because the specialty wine out there is Riesling. So many different Rieslings!

  2. James Says:

    Despite hoping I would go, I am happy you had some fun.That veggie quesadilla and rasberry jalepeno(sp)sound good.I used to love bagels growing up, but then stopped having them when I was working out at school daily.I love honey wheat stuff together.The scenery is beautiful.I really hope we get to go to the beach this summer and also that we can possibly do some hiking despite your fear of my knee(it happens no matter what, might as well try to have some fun).

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